It's Your reBar, Juliet Simmons

1) Rewind: What did you value at 13?

 At 13 I think I was still really a little girl.  I do remember worrying about things and appearances – a lot.  Was I wearing the right kind of sweater, was my hair cut right?   I loved reading and escaping into my imagination and being allowed to speak to my friends on the phone – that was a big negotiation with my sister pre-cell phone days.

2) Play: What's important to you today?

Today what’s important is doing things I love and am proud of and being surrounded by people who l love and who love and care about me.  Authenticity – being surrounded by people and things that are real.  I’m more comfortable in my own skin now than I was at 13 but I do still love phone time with my friends.

3) Fast Forward: What do you commit to doing for yourself, your family and your community?

Doing things that are important and real, creating wonderful things and to leaving a good and positive impression on the world!

Juliet Simmons lives in London. She has a new found love for quilting and
taking photographs. When she crossed paths with Dani Jaff Klein by chance
a few years ago the two of them discovered a shared passion for wanting to
make a difference in the world. Since then they have worked together to
create My Bat Mitzvah Book (made by me) which brought together women from
around the world to create a new kind of inspiring resource for Jewish
girls of all ages - They plan to create more books
and projects in the future.