reBar: Rewind to 13. Fast Forward to Today.


The reBar Question

If you could do one thing differently about your B-Mitzvah (that's Bar and Bat) what would it be and why? We were 13 when we made our B-Mitzvah commitments... let's see how they apply today.

Are you ready for a trip down memory lane? Want to make a commitment for the next 13 years? Submit your story today.

If you only have a moment to wax poetic about your adolescence, this is the place for you. Add your reBar snapshot here.

COMING OF AGE: Bar Mitzvah Envy

RADICAL REINVENTION: Will you light my candle?

REMINISCING AND REIMAGINING: We'll Give you a Theme...Jewish!


These reBar moments are for the serious nostalgists amongst us. 

These reBar reflections analyze the transition from teenager to adult.

Stories that grapple with the key text of the B-Mitzvah experience .

Check out new takes on quintessential elements of the B-Mitzvah experience.