ReBar begins with a seemingly simple question:  “What aspect of your B-Mitzvah experience would you like to rewind and play again?”  

Is the horror of chanting your Torah portion still haunting your dreams? Do you wish you'd chosen a different theme? Did your mom write your speech? Then take some time to reBar yourself. Make it personal. Make it real. reBar for that newly minted 13-year old teenager in you. Download these tools for you to rethink, reanalyze and reBar yourself

Not sure how to reBar? We’re here to help. reBar solo or in a group. Want to bring reBar to your community? Download the reBar toolkit with ideas that will help you create your own reBar experience, facilitate and lead reBar discussions, conversations and events. Download a DIY toolkit to get started. 

Questions? Contact Josh Kanter, Reboot National Partnership and Outreach Manager,

Fill our the reBar worksheet and go back in time step by step to remember who you were, and to reflect on who you've become. Consider your B-mitzvah text, or the books you were reading in your tweens; what has changed? What has remained the same? Submit your story and plan your party: you've been reBar-ed.

Want to take a trip down memory lane and bring all of your friends? This is the place for you. Use the worksheet provided to reminisce together about the good old days, then decide how to share your collective reBar with your community.

Downloaded the DIY ToolKit? Ready to share your reBar story? Click the box below and upload your stories, photos, videos...

If you only have a moment to wax poetic about your adolescence, this is the place for you. Add your reBar snapshot here.