It's Your reBar, Dani Klein

1) Rewind: What did you value at 13?

Having close friends, hanging out with them in nature on our weekend trout farm.  I also loved  being part of  a tradition that I had very little idea about at the time, but still somehow, understood its significance and that it was something important to me

2) Play: What's important to you today?

Being surrounded by friends and family.  Authenticity in all that I do.  And allowing my family to grow up in an authentic Jewish home - balancing our uniqueness as a family with feeling part of a community.

3) Fast Forward: What do you commit to doing for yourself, your family and your community?

Creating a home that is welcoming to family, friends and community and that is a space used to hang out, have fun, a meeting place and a space to dream up big dreams to make the world a better place!

Dani Jaff Klein now lives in London having grown up in South Africa. She
loves soccer and stickers. When she crossed paths with Juliet Simmons by
chance a few years ago the two of them discovered a shared passion for
wanting to make a difference in the world. Since then they have worked
together to create My Bat Mitzvah Book (made by me) which brought together
women from around the world to create a new kind of inspiring resource for
Jewish girls of all ages - They plan to create more
books and projects in the future.