Would you light my candle? By Jennifer Bleyer


An Updated Candle-Lighting Ceremony

To be recited in front of the classic Bat Mitzvah sheet cake whilst lighting candles.

Making zines about girl power

Mosh pits are for women, too

Scrawling slut across our bellies

Riot Grrrl, this light's for you.

Torah and Shabbos, mamash a gevalt

Shlomo Carlebach showed me what I never knew

Like that music is prayer and yiddishkeit sweet

And one can be a misfit and still be a Jew

Dust storms and heatstroke and lips dry as snakeskin

The playa's a harsh and tempestuous bitch

In a good way of course, such unspeakable fun

Is on deck when you scratch that old Burning Man itch

Jennifer Bleyer is a writer and teacher at New York University. She was the founder and original editor of Heeb Magazine, and has written for the New York Times, Salon, Monocle, the Christian Science Monitor, Tablet, New York magazine and a bunch of other places.