It's your reBar, Sarah DiLeo

1) Rewind: What did you value at 13?

Music, especially Madonna. Friendship and trust. Self- reinvention.

2) Play: What's important to you today?

Growth in every context. 

3) Fast Forward: What do you commit to doing for yourself, your family and your community?

Doing more than just enough. Increasing willingness to fail. Fostering space for change to occur. 


Sarah DiLeo is the producer for integrated content at award-winning commercial and digital company Tool of North America. Sarah was previously head of production for Wondros, where she produced content for clients such as TED, Sundance, Harvard, IBM, Conde Nast, American Express and; and prior to that she produced the feature adaptation of award-winning novel Bless Me, Ultima, written and directed by Carl Franklin. Bless Me, Ultima was highlighted as an LA Times Critics' Pick, received a 4-star review from Roger Ebert, and is distributed worldwide by Sony Pictures. Sarah grew up in New Orleans, where she had many colorful adventures and learned how to expertly peel a (non-kosher) crawfish.